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Whenever I think of a faucet and how easy it is to get water in civilized society, it reminds me of my days in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz (Galapagos Islands). We didn’t have running water, so we did not need faucets. In the USA and the Western world, where the mere need for water is as easy as opening your faucet, filling a glass, and drinking from it, people do not appreciate how hard it is to live in a third-world country. Let me tell you how hard it is to get just a glass of water to drink.

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My Granfather and Cuenca

My Grandfather and Cuenca

I lived with Grandpa Felipe in Cuenca three different times that I can remember. You see, I was only eight years old when I went to live with him for the third and last time. This time was for about two years. It had been time for me to leave my mother, she had found another live-in housemaid job and kids were not welcome. So, she convinced Grandpa to take me for a spell, and I was put on a bus to Cuenca. This sheltered little city sits in the valley between the Andes in the south of Ecuador. In the early ’60s, Cuenca was small and naturally sheltered. Its people still spoke Spanish in a singsong with a Castilian accent.