Author: CRW

Happy Anniversary

Ever since that magic moment I met you, you have held my heart.  I knew you were someone special right from the very start.  I knew that one day we would make a beautiful family.  I knew that our love could be forever something that’s just between you and me!  Happy Anniversary to My Perfect Match!  Let’s toast to this special day!!  Happy Anniversary, My Beautiful Wife! 

Foster Children Navigating the Transition to Adulthood

Foster children who have reached the age of 18 and are out of the system often face a challenging transition into adulthood. These young individuals, who have already experienced the instability of moving through different foster homes, now confront new obstacles as they navigate life on their own. Without the support and resources, a stable family environment provides, they can be at a heightened risk of homelessness, unemployment, limited access to education, and inadequate healthcare. The abrupt shift from being under the state’s care to being responsible for their own lives can be overwhelming, leaving them without a safety net…