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My story of growing up in Ecuador and the USA

Two different worlds that really opened my eyes to how similar we all are and how small the world is. As we start the new century, we see that the world is changing and we must embrace the new reality, if we want to survive.

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My Grandfather and Cuenca

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    Life in the 1960’s in quiet little towns and cities in Ecuador.

    Living in Galapagos Islands

    Galapagos Islands in the 1960’s were small islands with a small community of Ecuadorians and foreign nationals who enjoyed their simple way of life

    Santa Cruz

    Lived with my Father and Stepmonther and three young sisters I never knew existed


    Lived with my Uncle Gonzalo and Aunt Sarita and 13 of my first cousins


    Lived three years with my maternal Grandfather and my aunt and 2 cousins.


    Lived with my paternal grandmother, she was very special. Also my 4 aunts all sisters of my father.

    Reader’s Thoughts

    Love your stories, I think you should write a book


    I look forward to reading one of your stories. They are great.


    You have travelled all over the world and that is very special


    Growing up in Ecuador and specially Galapagos islands is what gave me the fortitude to embrace a new culture and never look back.